Arlington Square, Margate

Arlington Square Margate

 Took a trip out to Arlington Square in Margate, this area has become rather run down over the last few years and as I write is shrouded in controversy with Tesco trying to acquire the site for future development and locals trying to stop them as they rightly think that Margate deserves a better focal point and attraction for the seafront area. Why not follow the link above and have a read all about the area past and present.

Dreamland Margate

Arlington Graffiti Clown 

Arlington House Margate

The area is very urban looking and as a result has lead to many photographers using the area to take urban style images and portraits.

The area really is crying out for a major development plan to compliment all the work done at the Turner Art Gallery. Something that will help pull in much needed tourists like the Margate resort of years gone by.