Ben Usain Bolt Pelling - Speedlite 52 -Week 8

Ben Usain Bolt Pelling - Speedlite 52 -Week 8

The weeks are just flying past! Yet again this was not the original shot i had planned this was a back up shot which as it turned out i preferred to the planned shot.

Strobist info

Camera Canon EOS 7D
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 17 mm
ISO Speed 200

 The background was underexposed by about three stops and i then used two speedlites, one high camera left the other was low camera right

The high left was a 580 exii in a Westcott 43-inch Optical Satin Collapsible with Removable Black Cover which was on manual mode fired by 7d built in wireless system,at about half power.

The low right was my 430 exii in a shoot through umbrella at about a quarter power and again fired by the 7d wireless system.

I am fairly happy with the result but would have liked more colour in the sky but there is always next time!

Any comments or constructive criticism welcome here or 500px or my flickr account

Thanks for looking

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