Black Rapid Sport II

Today my new sling strap arrived and would like to recommend it to you all. If you are looking for a new strap for you camera i highly recommend the Black rapid Sport II sling strap. It feels very comfortable to wear and very secure. It is a little expensive for a strap but i am a great believer in you get what you pay for! This is a quality product well made and will last you years.

The sling strap takes all the weight from around your neck and distributes it more evenly. Great for if you out on location walking around. The camera can be locked in position at your hip when not in use and unlocked so you can slide it up the strap to shooting position.

If your camera has a tripod plate you may need to purchase a extra attachment if you want to keep the plate on as well, i purchased the extra for my manfrotto RC2 style plate. You do have to remove strap from camera to use on tripod but this is very quick and easy with the attachment, means you don't have to keep removing the thread all the time.

Check it out on their website, great strap if you in the market for a good one.

I got mine from Amazon site
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