Cocktail Night - Speedlite 52 - Week 10

Cocktail Night - Speedlite 52 - Week 10

This week i wanted to try some food colouring shot. As usual my make shift studio is my kitchen table! The trouble is its just not big enough, the white background is a A1 size piece of mounting board and the glasses are sat on a A1 size piece of glass laid over more mounting board.

This is right on the limit of what i can do with this space to get the full reflection. Ideally i should have more space between the subject and background but if i moved subject i would not be able to get the full reflections. So trying to control the light is a challenge.

After laying out my background i assembled the glasses which i had measured out with equal amounts of water and added a few drops of food colouring to each glass, bit to much in the yellow really!

I also had two reflectors, one left one right, these reflected light obviously, and help block stray light from my back door !

Camera Info:-

ISO           160
Exposure  1/200


Aperture   F/8.0
Focal        43 mm

Strobist Info:-

Speedlite 430 exii at 1/64 power
Speedlite 580 exii at 1/64 power

Both speedlites fitted with stoffen diffusers, on speedlite stand one left one right both fired towards the background.

I used Adobe lightroom 4 to make a few highlight adjustments and colour luminosity adjustments.

Set up

I am a little disappointed with the large martini glass as the dark shadows don't look nice. This i think is due to the fact there is not enough separation between subject and background. Really need my own studio!!

Thanks for looking and i welcome your comments and feedback.