Deb - Speedlite 52 - Week 15

Deb - Speedlite 52 - Week 15

This image was originally planned to be a colour image, i talked my wife into putting on some really over the top make up as i had a idea i wanted to try out,strictly photographic you understand!

As she was getting ready i was setting up in the garden. I had recently purchased a lastolite softbox and really hadn't had the chance to use it.

I set up the softbox on a lightstand with my 580 exii speedlite attached and was fired with Aperture Trigmaster Plus radio transmitters i had a second speedlite, my 430 ex ii , in a tree, which was camera right and slightly behind model.

Trying to find a nice pose that looks good and that the model is happy with is a real art and something which i think i need to learn more about.

We both decided on this image which was in colour but after a mono conversion using Niksoft Silver Efex Pro 2, we both really liked how this looked. If you want to see the original it has been posted on my Flickr Photostream.

The Lastolite softbox is a 24x24 or 60x60 box which is extremely well made and i anticipate this lasting a long time. The quality of light i think is fantastic, it uses two diffusion panels and a silver reflective interior, you can also remove one of the panels for a more contrasty image and masks are also available for creative effects. These can also be made with a few D I Y skills. So far i have to say i much prefer this to an umbrella for portraits and something i will be using more in the future i am sure.

The radio triggers are working very well, they are fully manual so no TTL metering with them but i like to set up manually anyway. These are very reasonably priced if you look around on fleabay you can get them for as little as £20 each, from amazon they are around £90 mark

The lens i was using was my Canon 70-200 F/4.0 L USM which is a fantastic lens. Very sharp great lens for portraits ,weddings or sports and would highly recommend it.
Right, must get off as i am doing a golf society shoot tomorrow at a local golf course so got to prepare for that, images will be posted on my website under RTCGS link for anyone interested.

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