The Fell Walker



Following on from my last couple of composites here is another, The background was of a trip a few years ago to the Lake District and the selfie was taken today in my very small make shift bedroom studio.

Strobist for Portrait

Key light camera left in a 24 x 24 grided softbox at 1/4 power

Fill was camera right on a boomed 16" gridded and socked beauty dish at 1/8 power

Camera was set to ISO 800 at 125 sec F/10


Really need to make a effort and get more people to photograph, doing a composite is hard enough let alone getting a selfie to composite into it. I would also love to have access to a larger working area, the studio i am working from at the moment is a very small box room which is barely big enough. There is not a lot of room left when you have the background set up along with three lights on light stands and light modifiers attached!