Flora Photography

Sunflower Today i decided to do something a little different for me, photographically speaking. The reason for this is that i notice we have a chairman's challenge this year of a single flower, at my local photography club. As i have never really had a proper go at this i thought i should get some practice in!

The set up was simple , i set my black and decker  workmate up and carefully clamped a single flower into it. I then set up a light stand behind and clamped a piece of blue colored card to it to act as the background. I then set up a second light stand to which i attached my Canon 580 EX ii. I fitted the speedlite with my Lumiquest Softbox III. This is a small softbox but in comparison to the single flower was relatively large, this provides a nice soft light source.

The speedlite was set to manual at about 1/16th power and was fired using the fantastic Yongnuo YN-622c radio triggers. I shoot with a Canon 5D MK III and used the EF 24 - 105 F/4.0 IS L USM at F/8.0 for 1/100th sec. I took a number of shots to try out different compositions and lighting positions but i like the results of the above image.

I then started to play a bit with different lenses and flowers and used some macro rings for some real close up images. I then decided to convert some to mono and  have to say i really like the mono results , here are some of the images i took.

Sunflower Detail



Sunflower Detail



Sunflower Detail


And here are some of my favorite mono images


Sunflower fine art mono



Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata) fine art mono



Fine art mono Rose



Fine art mono rose



Hope you found at least one image you like , i am happy with the results as its my first try at this but if this is your forte i would love to hear what you think and any advise tips and tricks you can give me would be gratefully received !