Folkestone , Kent

Folkestone Harbour Waiting

Wanted to get out the house today with the camera, day off but had a appointment to keep this morning so when I got home I grabbed the camera and headed out. When I left I had no idea where I was going. I ended up driving to Folkestone. Parked the car and had a walk around. Found myself down by the harbour around half three when a few of the local fishing boats were returning home from a day at sea with there catch. They were greeted by every gull from miles around, there really not as daft as they are funny looking !!

Seagull Folkestone Harbour


 Only managed to get out a few times since Christmas with the new Canon 5D mk iii , the thing that really strikes me is the pin sharp focus system. My previous cameras were the Canon 400d then upgraded to a Canon 7d , I thought the 7D was a great camera but after seeing the raw files from the 5d mkiii I am very pleased I decided to go full frame. The focus is pin sharp. Still trying to get to grips with a few of the features and locating some of the options in the menu when needed but I am getting there and really enjoying the journey.

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