Golf Society Shoot

The eventual winner with a winning shot

Well this week i attended a golf society day at a local course. I used to play in this society a few years ago but my interest in photography was out growing my interest and talent in golf so i decided to give up the golf to pursue the photography.

The day started out with the usual bacon rolls and a coffee before the first Tee. I took my position just in front and to the side of the tee area, i was using my Canon 7D with a 70 - 200 mm F/4.0 L usm. This gave me a reasonable focal length to not be in the golfers eye line while teeing off.

The thing to remember when photographing this type of event is to keep a high shutter speed, one to reduce the risk of camera shake and two, to freeze the golfer mid flow, this does mean you may have to increase the ISO to get a working shutter speed and for most of the day i was working at around the 800 iso range.

After getting everyone on the first tee i had to try and negotiate the golf course and catch up with the first group out to get more images. Once i found them i remained on that whole and got the who group coming through then repeated this till the final whole.

Did a few presentation shots and a group shot which as it had just started to rain they were not very keen on moving out of the shelter into the open so the composition is not what i would have hoped for.

This was a good event for me to do got a few good images from and produced over 400 images for the society chairman to use as he sees fit.

The post processing was all done in lightroom 4 and was printed by photobox. I have to say the images photobox produced were very very quick in arriving just over 24 hours later however the images were a bit on the dark side so after some advise from another photographer i am trying a different lab DSCL so i will let you know if the images are any better from them.

A few pictures are being shown on my Flickr page and all photos from the day are on my Lee Pelling Photography Facebook Page. Feel free to have a look and any feedback and comments are always welcome

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