Gorillapod Focus

  Millennium Bridge Towards St Pauls


I was out in London yesterday as i wanted to get some more images from the site of Crossrail at Canary wharf, after i had got what i was after i headed towards the southbank on the underground. As i wanted to travel light and my main tripod is a big heavy Manfrotto i packed only my camera two lenses some filters and my new Gorilla Pod focus, which i attached a small manfrotto ballhead.

It was a nice bright sunny day with a clear blue sky, boring in photographic terms, and in the middle of the day with hundreds of people around. Getting a compelling image is not easy in these situations. However the lightweight portable gorillapod coupled with my Lee Big Stopper gave me some other options.

The southbank has some wide wooden handrails in places but the gorillapod coped with this with ease, just wrapping around the framework giving me a stable platform to work.


London Southbank


The beauty of long exposures during the day is you can make all the people disappear from your shot. It also smoothes out the water and the clouds to produce a nice silky effect.




This type of photography really works well in the middle of the day and i think is best suited to high contrast mono images. Overall i found the gorillapod worked ok. It has obvious limitations as you need something to attach it to or stand on but its a great little tripod to carry with you for just such a occasion, or if you are going somewhere that don't allow full tripods you might be able to use this without being noticed, getting you the shot you want.