Home made Snoot, Gobo or Flag

Home made Snoot

Just after Christmas you may recall i said i had a trip to Hobbycraft for some black foam and sticky Velcro, well today i got round to making my home made snoot and took this shot of Gollum.

The snoot is simply a tube that attaches to the flash head and gives you a more directional concentrated beam of light.

The same snoot can also be used as a gobo or flag which simply attaches via the Velcro to the flash head and stops light in whatever direction you have attached the gobo or flag to, this is used to control where the flash illuminates and directs the light away from areas you do not want the flash to light.

Strobist Info:-

  • Camera Canon Eos 7D
  • Lens Tamron 17 - 50mm
  • ISO 100
  • Shutter 1/250th
  • Aperture F/8.0
  • Flash 580 EXII home made snoot attached 1/64th power

The flash was on a lightstand to camera high right, fired wirelessly. Gollum was sat on a roll of seamless black paper. See the picture below

Home made snoot set up

The foam sheets were about 60p each the Velcro was about £9 a roll but Will be used for other projects so this is very cheap to do. The seamless black paper was £4.99 a roll and is great as a background.

Hope you found this helpful at least or has inspired you to make your own and try something new. As always leave your comments here and i will always answer any questions and always read and enjoy your comments.

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