Minnis Bay

Beach Huts at Minnis Bay Haven't made it out for a sunset shot lately so after a busy day of decorating I decided at the last minute to grab my gear and head down to Minnis Bay in Birchington, Kent. When I arrived I made my may along the top of the promenade and towards Reculver. On arrival I had a brief conversation with another tog who had managed to arrive earlier than I. Then I made my way down to some of the old groynes and set up, managed to get a few shots but wasn't really happy with the composition and the other tog had the better spot as he had arrived earlier!


After the sun had set below the horizon I was walking back towards the car past these huts and decided I would just try a couple of shots. Think this turned out to be the better shot of the evening . Here is a shot of the sunset from the beach including the groynes.


Sunset Minnis Bay