Rainy Day Photography

Rainy Day Photography  

Well today summer really has come to an end here in the South East of England. The rain has been torrential all day . I had plans to go out with my camera today but had not planned on a rainy day. So what to photograph on a rainy day?

I just had a look around me and found my wife's Danbo character on the side. The garden table had a nice puddle formed in the middle so placed Danbo in it, got on my coat and lucky for me i have a roof over my back door so the camera was set up under here with a 70 - 200 lens and i shot from a distance on a tripod. I used a flash mounted inside my Lumiquest III softbox , fired with the fantastic Youngnuo yn622c wireless triggers and i was using ettl as i was hand holding the flash. Think i may have dialed in about one stop of flash exposure compensation and under exposed the ambient light by about a stop and a half.

After a few test shots you kind of figure out the best position to place the flash and i found that lighting from slightly behind Danbo allowing the light to wrap around him and at the same time was back lighting some of the rain drops in the foreground.

There was a little post work here with the mono conversion being done in Niksoft Silver Efex Pro 2. The reflection was also added in post as the original was a little boring.  What do you like to photograph on rainy days any ideas thoughts or suggestions ?

With the rain not sure how the fireworks displays are going to cope this evening but i hope it will clear in time for everyone to enjoy them.