Reculver Towers Long Exposure Lee Big Stopper

Reculver Towers

Well i recently decided to invest in a few descent filters and after much deliberation i went down the Lee Filters route. I purchased the foundation kit along with a couple of wide angle adaptor rings and a 0.6 soft ND Grad filter.

I have to say i am a great believer in you get what you pay for and Lee Filters are fairly expensive but very well made and great results, they come in nice protective cases not a cheap case.

Very quickly i wanted to get the Big Stopper but that is not as easy as it sounds as they are still in short supply. I did find somewhere that had them in stock although they were over priced i decided i would invest, and i am glad i did, this is the first real attempt with the filter which i combined with the 0.6 soft nd grad.

This was a spur of the moment decision to go down to Reculver, glad i did as i also met up with some of the members of East Kent Cameras uk run by Kevin Harwin. Was nice to finally meet some of you and put some faces to the names and the great work they produce.

I have used a B&W screw on 10 stop nd filter before and must say personally i like the Lee system better as they filters are easy to remove and attach and will fit all your lenses with the correct adaptor ring. The adaptor rings are cheaper than having to purchase multiple filters or the fiddly step up/down rings. I found the Lee big stopper did produce a slight cool blue colour cast which is very easily corrected as apposed to the B&W which gave a stronger magenta cast which was not as easy to correct. And the blue cast of the Lee can add to a image in my opinion.

Still waiting for my Canon EF-S 10-22mm to arrive which i ordered from Simply Electronics, they are cheaper but delivery times are long at times , upto several weeks, not sure i will use them again but thats another story.

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