If you are ever in Santa Ponsa , Mallorca, stop off and say hi to Rubio. He stands on the seafront by McDonalds where you can arrange day trips on boats or hire jet skis etc. He is a great character and very friendly. He has been part of Santa Ponsa for the last 35 years and i hope for a long time to come. We arranged a great trip on Submarine Visions Tropical Delfin.

Tropical Delfin

We had a short two hour trip which departed Santa Ponsa at 11.15 and made its way out to The Islas Malgrat where the boat stopped to feed the fish and for those that wanted snorkels where provided for you to swim with the fish.When you look back towards Santa Ponsa from this point you get to see Croc Isand, Pictured below'

Croc Island


If you preferred to stay on board then the lower deck was submerged with windows for you to see the marine life. Food and drinks where also available but these were at additional cost. After the snorkeling we then departed for the second leg of the journey to Camp De Mar, where we dropped off and picked up other passengers. This looks a great location and one i will be tempted to look at in the future. Claudia Schiffer and a formula one driver, who i cant remember, have places here.

Then we departed again for two stops in Peguera before ending up back at Santa Ponsa.

When you board the boat you are asked to pose for your picture which during the journey you are presented with at a cost of 5 euros should you wish to purchase it.

Great way to spend the morning, highly recommend it and if you fancy longer journeys other options are available.

Thanks to Rubio for allowing me to take your picture i hope to get some prints and will get them out to you in September when my parents come out there thanks again and hope to see you again soon.