RX8 Interior - Speedlite 52 - Week 6

RX8 Interior

Had this shot in mind for a while but i wasnt sure how it would work out. My RX8 is fitted with blue interior lights so wanted to highlight this by using a blue gel on a 580 ex ii which was connected via a sync cable.

Camera was mounted on my travel tripod as my main tripod was to big to fit between the rear seats.I used my sigma 8 - 16mm ultra wide angle lens. I used the live view to set the focus and then switched it over to manual so it wouldnt hunt when i took the shot.

I used my 7d a 580 exii with blue gel a sync cord and the flash was set to ETTL II mode with a blue lee filter attatched.

Fired using a canon infra red remote control

Made only a few adjustments such as sharpening,saturation,noise, the border and copyright

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