Speedlite 52 - Week 2

Speedlite 52 - week 2 - Phantom

Thought i would do a complete opposite of my week one shot so this is a Low Key Portrait of Me as my favourite West End musical star The Phantom Of The Opera.

Very simple shot just one strobe used which was in front of me and very low to the ground which creates the shadows on my face making the whole image look and feel spooky!

The strobe was a Speedlite 580 exii which was set to 1/128th power fired at the ceiling with the catch card out

Made a few adjustments in Lightroom to make the backs black tweaked the highlights.

Imported into CS5 and the Black and white conversion was done using Silver FX Pro 2

Made duplicate layer and had blend mode in screen which makes image about twice as bright, i then added a black layer mask to that layer which then hides the bright effect, Took my paint brush tool and painted in the area i wanted the effect back in, for me this was the eyes. Then used the transparency slider to fine tune the effect.
Then i sharpened the eye area only and new layer for copyright.

First picture of me i actually don't mind, probably because half my face is covered but there you have it.

As ever please like to here your comments , thanks for looking

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