Speedlite Gels

Speedlite Gels

Finished work early today and decided i was going to use the speedlite gels i had purchased from fleabay a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea what i was going to photograph so set about looking around the house for a subject. Had to move this flower from the table i was going to use so decision made i set about setting up the shot.

Got together all me gear and set up the background first, this i had purchased from here.
I also have a black roll, these i find handy cheap and easy to use. I just put a old mop handle through the tube and clamp the handle to two tripods to give me a seamless background. Set up my speedlites and put in some new rechargeable batteries i have just started using.

Strobist Info

580 exii with stofen diffuser inside Lumiquest softbox iii camera left 1/64th power
430 exii with a blue gel attached camera right at about 1/32 or 1/16th power

Took lots of test shots with various settings on the speedlights to balance the light and direct it where i wanted it. This is how i do it anyway nothing technical just choose one light first usually fill light and adjust it to get the level of fill light right for me this was the 580 exii with diffuser and softbox. Had to direct the light from the front to fall on the flower and at a low power so as not to overpower the keylight which was the 430 exii with a blue gel attached, then just took various shots increasing the level of the keylight until i was happy with the results.

The gels have so many uses from colour correction to effects its only limited by your imagination, give it a go. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have. Thanks for looking


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