Stairway to Ramsgate Seafront


Stairway To Ramsgate Seafront


Decided to head off out with the camera this evening as I haven't been out for a while, got a few things I should be doing , like decorating and all that boring stuff!  Visited this spot a few time just really like the way the restaurants are illuminated with the lampposts and the tables and chairs out the front, looks very continental. As I was stood at the top of the stairs you could hear the voice of a band playing at Rokka along the seafront, there were a few people out and about but the thing that really lets us down is the weather, not really conducive to sitting down in the open air to enjoy a meal and a few drinks with friends.

Looking along the seafront the old Peggy Sues building, where I used to be The Bar Manager, more years ago than I care to remember, still lies dormant. Really wish the council would get this place up and running such a waste of a fabulous looking listed building, that's another story really.