Strobist Portrait

Strobist Portrait Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to go out with a friend and fellow photographer ,Lee Crosbie ,check his flickr stream out got some great stuff. We headed off down to a place called Hampton, around the Herne Bay area. When we arrived the tide was in and so there wasn't much of a shot there, luckily we had our speedlites and light stands with us just in case we wanted to try some outdoor strobist portraits. This was a great opportunity to get in some much needed practice. We very quickly set up and we took it in turns to be the photographer and the other the reluctant model !

Some of the images were single strobe and some were a two light set up using the setting sun as a third light source. The idea was to try and underexpose for the ambient and pop some flash in on the subject to make them stand out from the scene. Got some nice results and look forward to getting out there with Lee again to get some more practice sessions in.