British Airways A380

Escorted in to Manston by Two Red Arrow Hawks  

While i was looking online this morning i came accross a link saying that the A380 was coming to Manston today and when i clicked on the link it opened up flightradar24 website. I have never seen this site before and i was stunned watching all the planes in the air pretty much real time. I am not a plane spotter at all but i have to say i was entrigued by this. The link i had was direct to the A380 and i was watching it making its way accross the channel towards France.

After i while i got myself outside to the garden were i have numerous jobs outstanding! I was working in the garden for sometime and when i came in for a coffee i looked at the site again and saw the plane was now making its way back accross the channel toward England. After i while the plane flew overhead towards manston and i assume landed.

After i finished in the garden i loaded the car to go to the tip and thought i would take the camera and come back via the airport. When i arrived there were lots of cars already parked up even a ice cream van arrived selling refreshments lol ! Took this shot of the A380 on the Tarmac with the two Red Arrow Hawks which escorted her in. This is a hulk of a machine and i got to say when she did depart it was very quiet in deed.

I have hered a few romeours sayng they were doing some promotional filming for British Airways while over the Kent coast although i have no way of knowing if this is the case.

Want a look inside?

Not sure i will get one of these for my holiday to Mallorca this year but looks amazing inside.

The British Airways A380 will be flying around the Kent coast for a couple of weeks carrying out Pilot Trainning so you will have plenty of chances to get out and see it for yourself.