Reculver Towers

  Reculver Towers

Took a drive out to Reculver tonight to see the sunset and to take some images, what i should have taken was a pair of wellies ! I like the fact that the car park there is free after 18:00 hrs , this time of year its perfect for us photographers to get there in plenty of time for sunset. I made my way up the slope past the towers and down the other side where i made my way down onto the beach. I made my way along the top of the shingle and could see some water coming from somewhere, so i made my way down to investigate. I have never noticed this water outlet before , situated at one end of one of the rock water breaker. Before i knew it , i was walking or wading through small pools of sandy water and my jeans were getting soaked.

When i was getting ready to leave i bumped into another couple of photographers who were a little more prepared than i as they had wellington boots on !! Oh by the way if that was you, Sorry, i was not ignoring you i just had my ear phones in so couldn't hear you !!

For this image i think it was a three stop solid ND filter i used , just to help smooth out the water slightly not the greatest sunset but i just had to get my gear out, not been out for a while so it was good to get out this evening.

Ramsgate East Pier

Ramsgate Harbour  

Took a walk down along Ramsgate harbour today and found myself walking around the East Pier towards the Lighthouse, i have only walked around this side of the harbour a couple of times before  but after seeing a image taken from this spot from a flickr contact ,Tony Matthews, i decided i wanted to do a mono version of this. The sky was not really playing ball today as it was a little to cloudy. Wanted to get a better sky but some things just cant be planned for. I will have to return again and have another go another day. Thanks to Tony for the inspiration.