Photoshop Composite


Today i found myself putting together this composite. I haven't done many before but it is something i really enjoy. Its a massive learning curve, with lots of different techniques for compositing several images.I am still learning and probably always will be.

The image above comprises of a self portrait i did in my spare room on grey seamless paper and the cityscape is a image i took last year at Canary Wharf. The moon is also one i did a long time ago and the birds are free stock image. There is also the smog/fog i created using a custom brush i made just for this image.

Its not perfect and lacks a real theme but its a great way to learn new techniques.

Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf Today was my day off work, and where was i ?, back on a train to Stratford !

Myself and a mate and fellow photographer Barry Stewart headed up to Canary Wharf area with our camera. We got the Docklands Light Railway from Stratford to Poplar , on arrival it instantly started to rain so we headed off on foot the short distance to Canary Wharf . The weather really ruined the day but we managed to get a couple of images of Canary Wharf Underground Station.

I also got this image of The Cat and Canary, a traditional English Pub

The Cat and the Canary


 Today was the first day of the London Tube strike so the underground station was surprisingly deserted. The weather just deteriorated to the point we just decided to head home. Really wish the weather would change for the better getting a little tired of all the wind and rain we having lately, need some real summer weather. 

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf at sunset


Been wanting to get this shot for a while now and today i decided was going to be the day i went to try and find the location. I have seen various images taken from this location from some of my online FLickR friends including Glenn Driver, who was kind enough to advise me on the nearest station to it, which is East India on the Docklands Light Railway.

My day started off departing Ramsgate on the High Speed train to London St Pancras from there i went over to Camden Town. This for me was a first and is the most culturally diverse place i think i have ever been. The high street has some amazing shop fronts and of course is the host of the world famous Camden Market where the smells from around the world just completely envelope you.


Camden Town Underground


Camden Lock

Think i will have to return to Camden Town for a day out and sample some of the food and partake in some of the many beverage establishments around this very interesting part of London.

Camden Lock

From here i departed and made my way on the London Underground to Bank station and had a walk around the heart of the financial city, passing The Royal Exchange, The Gherkin and Lloyd s of London.

The Royal Exchange London


From here i made my way down towards Tower Bridge where i took a couple of shots had a bit of a rest along the Thames and watched the world go by me before i made my way to Tower Gateway where i got a train to East India on the Docklands Light Railway.

It was now just a matter of finding this location i wanted to shoot from. I new that Barclays was to the right of One Canada Square and Citi was to the left. It was just a matter of following the road until i came across the exact location i was looking for, a small area of private properties beside this great location. The only thing was i arrived a little early and once i had done a few test shots for composition etc i had best part of a hour to kill before sunset !

However i think it was certainly worth the wait.