Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle 32bit Finished work early today and decided to make use of the Leeds Castle tickets we had purchased back in April, so we jumped in the car and headed out. If you have still never been to Leeds Castle i strongly suggest a visit, its a stunning castle and the grounds are very nice all year round.

Leeds Castle Ducks

The shot above was taken lying down on a little wooden bridge that spans the lake, at one point a Black Swan got a little close for comfort so i made a hasty retreat!

Leeds Castle Panorama

The above is a three shot panorama in portrait orientation, edited in lightroom then merged to a panorama in photoshop before bringing back to lightroom for a few minor tweaks.

The Original Cabbage Patch Doll

Its not a huge plant, my wife Deb, is just that small !


The above image was just because i loved the way the light was hitting the tree trunk and the tips of the floor plants.

Wishing Waterfall Leeds Castle

Love the way the coins shimmer in the sunlight beneath the flowing water.

Leeds Castle Waterfall

The image above is one of my favorites, i like the view towards the Castle with the huge weeping willows either side and the cascading water in the foreground.

Arundel Castle


Arundel Castle


Just got back from spending a few days with a OLD friend, was really great to catch up and share more than a few laughs and drinks with, great few days. While we were there we all went out to Arundel Castle for the day. This is a very picturesque castle and one i would love to visit again at a better time of day. The light is not great but lovely place. The grounds are lovely to stroll around on a nice day and even hitch a lift from the golf buggy cars that happily ferry you around some of the walkways .

If you would like to learn more about the castle the why not visit their website

Below are some other images of the day and i will add them as i edit them. Hope you like .



Inside Fitzalan Chapel

Arundel Castle Gardens

Paul was a happy boy

Arundel Castle Rooms



Inside Fitzalan Chapel


Fitzalan Chapel and White Garden


The Gardens