Chillindon Windmill

Chilindon WindmillThis is my first real post to test the bog is fully functioning. I hit a few teething problems and had to make a few adjustments to my wp-config.php file but looks like we are there now. Yesterday I went to Chilindon Windmill with Barry Stewart a friend a fellow photographer. We were hoping to find the windmill surrounded by rapeseed but we were not in luck. The sky was really bright and so I decided to merge 5 images and convert it to a 32bit image to get the full dynamic range from the scene. I am starting to like this form of processing more and more as it gives a much more natural image than a tone mapped HDR. That said I do think some images work better tone mapped all depends on the look you are going for.

Curly Whirly

We then headed off to Kings wood in search of Bluebells. We were slightly luckier this time as the bluebells had really started to bloom but still a bit patchy in areas. Think some of the patches were ruined by lots of dead leaves lying around from the harsh winter.

Detail in old log

Coppicing in Progress



The forestry commission were in the process of clearing large areas of the forest to enable more light to reach the forest floor and aid the woodland plants and the surrounding trees. There are a few areas that they are really opening up. This produces a lot of logs to be cut as above.