MI6, The Secret Intelligence Service building, London,England


Took this image of MI6, The Secret Intelligence Service building, London,England ,on a recent trip to Tate Britain, which is literally two min walk away. I took my mini tabletop tripod and some filters as i knew i wanted to shoot this location while i was here. The sky on the day was less than interesting and was pretty overcast in general. I took this with the Lee Big Stopper on a twenty second exposure just to smooth out the water really.

Some editind done in lightroom, photoshop and the Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

Would like to go back a photograph this at sunset , with all the lights on and St George Wharf all illuminated, so will return at some point.


Kearsney Abbey Waterfall

Kearsney Abbey Waterfall  

Took a trip out to Kearsney Abbey today, when i left home the weather was clearing and essentially not raining, by the time i arrived at Dover it was pouring down again. Sat in the car for a while while to see if the weather would ease, it did but never actually stopped raining ! I decided i had come this far so got out the car got my gear out and headed down towards Kearsney Abbey Waterfall.

As i made my way down to the lake area i noticed how empty the park was , there were only a couple of dog walkers that i could see. I followed the path to stay on solid ground as long as i could but eventually the path ended and i had to cross a small grass area towards the lake. The moment i stepped onto the grass i found myself sinking into the ground, it was that soaked. The lake was almost up to ground level and as a result the water was moving very quickly over the fall..

Got my camera set up on the tripod and attached a circular polarising filter. Set my composition and adjusted the filter, i then set my exposure and took the shot. The water was moving very fast so only needed a relatively short shutter speed to achieve this effect, this on was 1.6 seconds helped by a very small aperture of F/22.

Editing was done in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC

Made some contrast adjustments with onones photo effects 8 dynamic contrast filter and applied a tilt shift blur in Photoshop CC blur gallery.



Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf at sunset


Been wanting to get this shot for a while now and today i decided was going to be the day i went to try and find the location. I have seen various images taken from this location from some of my online FLickR friends including Glenn Driver, who was kind enough to advise me on the nearest station to it, which is East India on the Docklands Light Railway.

My day started off departing Ramsgate on the High Speed train to London St Pancras from there i went over to Camden Town. This for me was a first and is the most culturally diverse place i think i have ever been. The high street has some amazing shop fronts and of course is the host of the world famous Camden Market where the smells from around the world just completely envelope you.


Camden Town Underground


Camden Lock

Think i will have to return to Camden Town for a day out and sample some of the food and partake in some of the many beverage establishments around this very interesting part of London.

Camden Lock

From here i departed and made my way on the London Underground to Bank station and had a walk around the heart of the financial city, passing The Royal Exchange, The Gherkin and Lloyd s of London.

The Royal Exchange London


From here i made my way down towards Tower Bridge where i took a couple of shots had a bit of a rest along the Thames and watched the world go by me before i made my way to Tower Gateway where i got a train to East India on the Docklands Light Railway.

It was now just a matter of finding this location i wanted to shoot from. I new that Barclays was to the right of One Canada Square and Citi was to the left. It was just a matter of following the road until i came across the exact location i was looking for, a small area of private properties beside this great location. The only thing was i arrived a little early and once i had done a few test shots for composition etc i had best part of a hour to kill before sunset !

However i think it was certainly worth the wait.