Speedlite Portrait

  Portrait with small flaashes

Speedlite Portrait

This is Deb, my wife, she hates her photo being taken but i managed to get her in front of my camera as i had set up a make shift studio in a tiny spare room. The room is only 10 feet long by 9 feet wide, has a built in cupboard taking up some room right next to a inward opening door. So to position the lights where you want them is very difficult and have to kind of work around the limitations of the room.


I set a roll of grey seamless paper as the background as far back against the wall as i could get it, and raised it as high as i could. The lighting was a three light set up.


  • Key light was a youngnuo yn-568ex in a lastolite 24" x 24" softbox to camera left at 1/4 power
  • Fill light was a canon 580 exii in a 16" socked beauty dish to camera left at 1/16 power
  • Background light was a canon 430exii behind model at 1/64th power.


Due to the confines of my set up i found myself shooting from the landing on the first step of a ladder so i could shoot slightly downwards. Does not help being so short myself !

If you want to see a larger view visit it here on my FLicR account or click the smaller image above to show a larger version

I used lightroom 5 for some basic editing and finished in Photoshop cc. Still learning the lighting set ups and retouching techniques, i welcome your feedback and advise.

Here is another image from the same set up

Speedlite portrait


Syd I was lucky enough to find myself being asked to photograph this very talented young lady, Syd. She could well be a big star one day as she embarks on her first acting role. I am not sure who was more nervous to be honest as i have never taken any speedlite portrait  of anybody i didnt know.  Syd had never actually modeled before either so we were both a little apprehensive. What made it worse was we were trying to do this in the middle of a family garden party with a large number of guests so we tried to find a secluded corner of the garden to work in.

This is just a simple one light set up. Canon 580exii in a lastolite softbox to camera right. Think the settings were something like 1/125th sec at F/8.0 Iso 100. The speedlite was set to 1/4 power. The ambient light was underexposed by about two stops to help make for a more dynamic portrait, also helps focus on the model and illiminate distractions from the background.

Took lots of images which i must now work my way through and process them for Syd to have and use as she wishes.

I am sure she wont need it but i wish her every success in the future and look forward to seeing her on the big screen in the near future, remember her face !!