Reculver Towers

  Reculver Towers

Took a drive out to Reculver tonight to see the sunset and to take some images, what i should have taken was a pair of wellies ! I like the fact that the car park there is free after 18:00 hrs , this time of year its perfect for us photographers to get there in plenty of time for sunset. I made my way up the slope past the towers and down the other side where i made my way down onto the beach. I made my way along the top of the shingle and could see some water coming from somewhere, so i made my way down to investigate. I have never noticed this water outlet before , situated at one end of one of the rock water breaker. Before i knew it , i was walking or wading through small pools of sandy water and my jeans were getting soaked.

When i was getting ready to leave i bumped into another couple of photographers who were a little more prepared than i as they had wellington boots on !! Oh by the way if that was you, Sorry, i was not ignoring you i just had my ear phones in so couldn't hear you !!

For this image i think it was a three stop solid ND filter i used , just to help smooth out the water slightly not the greatest sunset but i just had to get my gear out, not been out for a while so it was good to get out this evening.

Kearsney Abbey Waterfall

Kearsney Abbey Waterfall  

Took a trip out to Kearsney Abbey today, when i left home the weather was clearing and essentially not raining, by the time i arrived at Dover it was pouring down again. Sat in the car for a while while to see if the weather would ease, it did but never actually stopped raining ! I decided i had come this far so got out the car got my gear out and headed down towards Kearsney Abbey Waterfall.

As i made my way down to the lake area i noticed how empty the park was , there were only a couple of dog walkers that i could see. I followed the path to stay on solid ground as long as i could but eventually the path ended and i had to cross a small grass area towards the lake. The moment i stepped onto the grass i found myself sinking into the ground, it was that soaked. The lake was almost up to ground level and as a result the water was moving very quickly over the fall..

Got my camera set up on the tripod and attached a circular polarising filter. Set my composition and adjusted the filter, i then set my exposure and took the shot. The water was moving very fast so only needed a relatively short shutter speed to achieve this effect, this on was 1.6 seconds helped by a very small aperture of F/22.

Editing was done in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC

Made some contrast adjustments with onones photo effects 8 dynamic contrast filter and applied a tilt shift blur in Photoshop CC blur gallery.



The Shard

The Pinnacle I had to go to London on Friday as I am taking photographs for a work competition so while I was there I took the opportunity to take this image for myself. I took this from the end of  platform 4 at London Bridge Train Station. On arrival I went to Network Rail office and got their permission to take some images using my tripod. They issued me with a permit and I was good to go. The stunned silence of the security staff was brilliant when they approached me telling me " You need a permit to take pictures" When I produced one they were just stunned it was priceless !


This was taken on a tripod with a Lee Big Stopper for just over 60 sec exposure.