Peter Hurley Squinch  

This is one of the first portraits i have done this year, this is due to family problems. I received a flash meter for Christmas and this was also its first real outing ! Still trying to get to grips with it.


I have also been following a couple of photographers who produce some stunning portraits they are Regina Pagles and Nakean Wickliff, their work has inspired me to try and get some portraiture work under my belt this year with a view to getting anywhere near their standard.


This is a two light set up key light was a 580exii in a 16" inch beauty dish to camera right

Fill light was a 430ex ii in a lastolite softbox to camera left


The room is a small empty bedroom so space was extremely tight and really couldn't get my lights where I wanted them.


I welcome your comments and constructive critique , lighting tips always welcome as well as post processing techniques etc