Moore, Bankside London



Today i was headed for Poplar, as i wanted to shoot some more of the Crossrail roof at Canary Wharf. I got a lot of images from this are and as yet i haven't edited any.  When i had finished at Canary Wharf i headed on the underground to Westminster and made my way all along the southbank  until i came to the area of Moore in Bankside. I had been trying to get this image for a while but always forgot when i was in the area or couldn't actually locate it ! Well today i remembered and found the location. This was a handheld shot using a circular polarizing filter, converted to mono in Googles Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. Must get on and edit the rest of the images !!


Tower Bridge and City Hall


Yesterday afternoon i caught the 15:05 hrs High speed train from Ramsgate to St Pancras  and arrived at 16:21 hrs. I headed outside and made my way across the road to Kings Cross station were i took the pictures below.

Kings Cross


Kings Cross Roof Detail

There is not really a good time to go to kings cross but today seemed especially busy so i didnt hang around to long before i made my way down onto the underground. I decided to go to Covernt Garden, a word of warning, if you travel to this station be prepared to either wait in line for a lift to the surface or like i did climb the 193 stairs which is equivalent to a 15 story building, and boy did it feel like it!

Had a stroll around the busy area of Covernt Garden which was really busy, probably due to the school holidays. I decided to head out down towards the embankment and made my way down past the festival hall where you can see this

The Shed

The shed, as it is called, is being used a temporary space for the theater. From here i made my way down along and came across the wobbly bridge as it was originally known before it was closed again for a few minor engineering tweaks!!

Just Slow Down

From this point i was a little un sure of where i wanted to be come sunset, did i continue down towards Tower Bridge or make my way to Big Ben ? Well i decided to head to Tower Bridge. Along the way you can see that the London skyline is ever changing and for the better with The Cheese Grater and the Walkie Talkie skyscrapers still under construction.

London's Walkie Talkie and Cheese Grater

London's Walkie Talkie

Finally made it down to the area of Moore, London. This is the home of City Hall, Tower Bridge and the iconic PricewaterhouseCoopers building which does look like the dark knight rising !!

PWC Building

The giant smooth pebble is a source of entertainment for all

Working Together

But the scene of Tower Bridge and City Hall, for me , made it all worth while

The pebble

Show at the Scoop

 While i was taking shots of Tower Bridge i got talking to a photographer from Holland , hope your images all turned out well and hope that you sustained no problems with your camera after dropping it on the rocks and cracking the case. He only had the Canon 5D mkiii for a very short while. We exchanged cards and his work can be found here at Cani Fotografie . Hope you enjoyed your time while you were here, nice to meet you.