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Reculver Sunset


Tonight i decided i wanted to get out with the picture box for two reasons, firstly i hadn't been out for a while and secondly over the last few months i had been purchasing some of the Lowepro S & F range of products. I went out and headed down to Reculver as i thought it would be fairly quiet and i could get a feel for the new gear and take a few shots of the sunset while i was there. I parked in the car park, which is free after 18:00 hrs, Thanet council please take note ! I put on my Lowepro S&F vest with a light utility belt attached and several different pouches for lenses and filters etc.


I headed of out of the car park and towards the towers, in the distance i could see one or two other photographers. As i got closer and could see that the tide was out, on the beach i could see a mass of about twenty photographers. I started to feel very conscious of what i was wearing !


After i got over this very brief initial feeling i started to set up for my shot, and with all my gear easy to hand i was ready in no time. I have to say that the Lowepro S & F range performed very well. My lenses were all in separate pouches easily accessible. my filters were in a pouch attached to my Lowepro Vest , which was easy to reach and grab the filter rings holder and the correct filter with ease. The product are made to the usual high standards you expect from Lowepro.


This post is not intended on being a product review but i would go so far as to say if  like me you don't need to carry all  your gear all the time but you want the basic kit to be easily accessible  and not in the bottom of a backpack or a trolley bag then i suggest you at least have a look at this range. You can buy the bits you need and add to it over time. Out of the two belts available my personal favourite is the light utility belt this can be worn on its own or with the optional vest. As you acquire more pouches attached to the belt the additional weight may make you decide on the vest as this helps to spread the weight evenly and is very comfortable. I purchased one and so far have been very glad i did