Tulip (Lilioideae)

Tulip Took one tulip stem and clamped it, carefully, into my workmate which was about four foot away from a seamless grey background. I used a 16 inch gridded beautydish to high camera right , a silver reflector to camera left and a gridded speedlite on the background to illuminate a small spot behind the flower.

Camera Settings

  • Canon 5Dmk iii
  • Canon 70 - 200mm F/4.0 L USM
  • ISO 400
  • 1/125 sec
  • F/14


Speedlite Settings

  • 16inch Beauty Dish camera right at 1/4 power
  • Speedlite on Background was gridded at 1/32 power


After importing into lightroom i made some basic tonal adjustments to the image in the develop module before taking the image into Photoshop CC . Here i made a selection of the tulip using the quick selection tool and then used refine edge to well refine the edge! I then saved the selection for use in the next step.

If you have photoshop cc and you haven't already i suggest you download the Adobe Paper Texture Pro from the Exchange its a great free download with lots of textures you can use on your images. This it what i used here. I selected three different textures and applied them to the whole image , you can also change the blend mode for each of the textures. I also desaturated two of the textures so there was only the texture and no colour. I selected the three texture layers and put them into a group. I then added a layer mask to the whole group and loaded my saved selection of the flower onto the mask.  This then removed the texture from the flower leaving it visable on only the background.

Hope you like the image and it inspires you to have a go yourself, thanks for looking.