Reculver Towers

  Reculver Towers

Took a drive out to Reculver tonight to see the sunset and to take some images, what i should have taken was a pair of wellies ! I like the fact that the car park there is free after 18:00 hrs , this time of year its perfect for us photographers to get there in plenty of time for sunset. I made my way up the slope past the towers and down the other side where i made my way down onto the beach. I made my way along the top of the shingle and could see some water coming from somewhere, so i made my way down to investigate. I have never noticed this water outlet before , situated at one end of one of the rock water breaker. Before i knew it , i was walking or wading through small pools of sandy water and my jeans were getting soaked.

When i was getting ready to leave i bumped into another couple of photographers who were a little more prepared than i as they had wellington boots on !! Oh by the way if that was you, Sorry, i was not ignoring you i just had my ear phones in so couldn't hear you !!

For this image i think it was a three stop solid ND filter i used , just to help smooth out the water slightly not the greatest sunset but i just had to get my gear out, not been out for a while so it was good to get out this evening.

Holiday Over

Rocky Sunset Well back at home after a great week away in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. Shared our week with my old mate Paul Addison and a new mate Maria. We had some great laughs and a certain amount of alcohol may have been consumed really sent me CoCo - Loco !

Lucky for me i have another week to get over it but everyone else will be back to work by tomorrow. I will endeavor to keep the holiday spirit alive for you all, that's just the kind of mate i am !

The image above was taken with my point and shoot Panasonic Lumix TZ-10, as i didn't want to lug around my great big slr. However its times like this you really wish you had!

Reculver Sunset


Tonight i decided i wanted to get out with the picture box for two reasons, firstly i hadn't been out for a while and secondly over the last few months i had been purchasing some of the Lowepro S & F range of products. I went out and headed down to Reculver as i thought it would be fairly quiet and i could get a feel for the new gear and take a few shots of the sunset while i was there. I parked in the car park, which is free after 18:00 hrs, Thanet council please take note ! I put on my Lowepro S&F vest with a light utility belt attached and several different pouches for lenses and filters etc.


I headed of out of the car park and towards the towers, in the distance i could see one or two other photographers. As i got closer and could see that the tide was out, on the beach i could see a mass of about twenty photographers. I started to feel very conscious of what i was wearing !


After i got over this very brief initial feeling i started to set up for my shot, and with all my gear easy to hand i was ready in no time. I have to say that the Lowepro S & F range performed very well. My lenses were all in separate pouches easily accessible. my filters were in a pouch attached to my Lowepro Vest , which was easy to reach and grab the filter rings holder and the correct filter with ease. The product are made to the usual high standards you expect from Lowepro.


This post is not intended on being a product review but i would go so far as to say if  like me you don't need to carry all  your gear all the time but you want the basic kit to be easily accessible  and not in the bottom of a backpack or a trolley bag then i suggest you at least have a look at this range. You can buy the bits you need and add to it over time. Out of the two belts available my personal favourite is the light utility belt this can be worn on its own or with the optional vest. As you acquire more pouches attached to the belt the additional weight may make you decide on the vest as this helps to spread the weight evenly and is very comfortable. I purchased one and so far have been very glad i did

Mazda RX-8

This is definatley the car Disney should have chosen to play the part of Lightening McQueen in the hit film Cars

This is definitely the car Disney should have chosen to play the part of Lightening McQueen in the hit film Cars



Last night decided to go out again with Lee Crosbie for some more strobist work. The weather all day long had been really nice bright and sunny although a little breezy. In the absence of a better subject we decided to try a car shot ,my RX 8. Drove down to Joss Bay in Broadstairs area and set up. I parked my car on the grass which is used as a overspill car park , so as the North Foreland lighthouse was in the background.

As the light was still fairly strong trying to get the background dark enough took us into high speed sync territory for a while but the sky was still lacking any atmosphere or drama. We had initially set up just two bare speedlites but this wasn't giving us a even spread of light so we set up a third , one on the front of the car the second to the rear and the third in the middle , later we added a forth inside the car with a blue gel attached.

The speedlites really do show up every little defect in the body work , even the swirls in the paintwork are made to look even worse than they usually appear. Gave me a real sense of appreciation to the many professional car photographers out there that have this down to a fine art.

I would have liked to try a couple of other things like attaching a soft box to the speedlites and or umbrellas to see if that softened the light and cut down the secular highlights, but due to the windy conditions we decided against this and left it for another day. The other option would have been to light paint it with one speedlites but as it doesn't get dark till late this time of year gave that idea a miss also as I was at work on early turn this morning !

I like the shot of the car face on , just looks like Lightening McQueen from the Disney movie Cars. I think the RX-8 would have been the better model to go with personally.

While we were there we were being watched by someone sitting in their car who eventually came over and introduced himself to Lee Crosbie as he was one of his Flickr contacts, Del Smith,  but had never actually met till now. Small world really !

See more images Below



Mazda RX 8 at Joss Bay Broadstairs

Photographed at Joss Bay Broadstairs with upto four speedlites

Tankerton Beach Huts, Kent

Tankerton Beach Huts at Sunset As I am sadly working this Monday, when the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society meet, I decided to go to Tankerton a couple of days early. I have never been before and as its only a short walk from Whitstable I cant imagine why as I have been to Whitstable a few times. This is probably the best set up of beach huts I have seen in the south east. They are in about three rows and positioned on a bank so the one behind are higher than those in front. Some have been well maintained but others have been neglected, but from a photographic stand point this just adds to the interest.

This is from Wikipedia.....



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coordinates: 51°21′49″N 1°02′45″E / 51.363730°N 1.045960°E / 51.363730; 1.045960

A suburb of Whitstable in south-east England, Tankerton was a commercial development by the Tankerton Estate Company in the late 19th century, and was designed with a grid of streets leading from the shoreline. It used to be known as Tankerton-on-Sea.

The slopes to the shore are a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) because they support the largest single population of the large umbellifer hog's fennel Peucedanum officinale in Britain.[2]

The little wooden beach huts at the base of the slopes are currently highly desirable, and notable owners have included Tracey Emin, who sold hers to Charles Saatchi for £75,000.[3]

Seaview Caravan Holiday Park adjoins Tankerton, and formerly also contained a large number of chalets, as well as static caravans and camping. It is one of the largest holiday parks on the North Kent coast

I took a number of images from here so hope to publish more as I process them so please check here or flickr for further images. Like me if you have never visited I would suggest you take a trip down here one evening as its a ideal sunset location. Although for me tonight this was a little bit of a non event, however I do plan to return to this location in the future. If you have been before or if you have some other great locations you know of in the south east then please leave a comment, thanks.

Ok I have some more images so here they are....

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Sunset in Sandwich, Kent

Sunset in SandwhichWas out and about with members of the Isle of Thanet Photography Association this evening and we went out to Sandwich in Kent. Walked around the many old narrow streets and got a few shots, hope to post some as and when I process them but for now , bed is calling !! Here are some other images from the same evening out

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