Mazda RX-8

This is definatley the car Disney should have chosen to play the part of Lightening McQueen in the hit film Cars

This is definitely the car Disney should have chosen to play the part of Lightening McQueen in the hit film Cars



Last night decided to go out again with Lee Crosbie for some more strobist work. The weather all day long had been really nice bright and sunny although a little breezy. In the absence of a better subject we decided to try a car shot ,my RX 8. Drove down to Joss Bay in Broadstairs area and set up. I parked my car on the grass which is used as a overspill car park , so as the North Foreland lighthouse was in the background.

As the light was still fairly strong trying to get the background dark enough took us into high speed sync territory for a while but the sky was still lacking any atmosphere or drama. We had initially set up just two bare speedlites but this wasn't giving us a even spread of light so we set up a third , one on the front of the car the second to the rear and the third in the middle , later we added a forth inside the car with a blue gel attached.

The speedlites really do show up every little defect in the body work , even the swirls in the paintwork are made to look even worse than they usually appear. Gave me a real sense of appreciation to the many professional car photographers out there that have this down to a fine art.

I would have liked to try a couple of other things like attaching a soft box to the speedlites and or umbrellas to see if that softened the light and cut down the secular highlights, but due to the windy conditions we decided against this and left it for another day. The other option would have been to light paint it with one speedlites but as it doesn't get dark till late this time of year gave that idea a miss also as I was at work on early turn this morning !

I like the shot of the car face on , just looks like Lightening McQueen from the Disney movie Cars. I think the RX-8 would have been the better model to go with personally.

While we were there we were being watched by someone sitting in their car who eventually came over and introduced himself to Lee Crosbie as he was one of his Flickr contacts, Del Smith,  but had never actually met till now. Small world really !

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Mazda RX 8 at Joss Bay Broadstairs

Photographed at Joss Bay Broadstairs with upto four speedlites