Tankerton Beach Huts, Kent

Tankerton Beach Huts at Sunset As I am sadly working this Monday, when the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society meet, I decided to go to Tankerton a couple of days early. I have never been before and as its only a short walk from Whitstable I cant imagine why as I have been to Whitstable a few times. This is probably the best set up of beach huts I have seen in the south east. They are in about three rows and positioned on a bank so the one behind are higher than those in front. Some have been well maintained but others have been neglected, but from a photographic stand point this just adds to the interest.

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Coordinates: 51°21′49″N 1°02′45″E / 51.363730°N 1.045960°E / 51.363730; 1.045960

A suburb of Whitstable in south-east England, Tankerton was a commercial development by the Tankerton Estate Company in the late 19th century, and was designed with a grid of streets leading from the shoreline. It used to be known as Tankerton-on-Sea.

The slopes to the shore are a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) because they support the largest single population of the large umbellifer hog's fennel Peucedanum officinale in Britain.[2]

The little wooden beach huts at the base of the slopes are currently highly desirable, and notable owners have included Tracey Emin, who sold hers to Charles Saatchi for £75,000.[3]

Seaview Caravan Holiday Park adjoins Tankerton, and formerly also contained a large number of chalets, as well as static caravans and camping. It is one of the largest holiday parks on the North Kent coast

I took a number of images from here so hope to publish more as I process them so please check here or flickr for further images. Like me if you have never visited I would suggest you take a trip down here one evening as its a ideal sunset location. Although for me tonight this was a little bit of a non event, however I do plan to return to this location in the future. If you have been before or if you have some other great locations you know of in the south east then please leave a comment, thanks.

Ok I have some more images so here they are....

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