Thats Snow Portrait

Speedlite Portrait

Well today the snow finally arrived in the far south east of England. Took the opportunity to photograph my wife in the garden. Wanted to try this shot out for a while but had to wait for the right conditions. The umbrella is my telescopic Westcott studio brolly with a speedlite attached to the inside.

The flash was set to manual at 1/4 power and a set of Youngnuo YN622c wireless triggers were used to fire the flash. These are great triggers with full ETTL and you can control them using the in camera menu so you don't need to keep walking to each flash to make changes to the settings, all this is done from the back of the camera.

Mono Portrait

The above mono is a crop from the colour image below, the amount of detail and sharpness continues to astound me, the 5d Mk iii  is a truly amazing camera.

Speedlite Portrait