The Warren Folkestone Kent

Groynes Long Exposure 10 stop ND filter

Today i went to a place called The Warren at Folkestone in Kent with a good friend of mine and fellow photographer Barry Stewart. The weather was a little overcast and grey with no real detail in the sky, for me i always find black and white works really well on days like this.

When we arrived the place was almost deserted with just the odd dog walker around. This place is fantastic for photographers with old groynes,rocks and drift wood around. My tip is to visit about two hours after high tide. This will then give you access to all the groynes and rocks around and the chance to photograph them as the tide is on its way out.

I set up the camera on a tripod with following settings:

  • Bulb mode
  • Aperture F/8.0
  • ISO 100
  • Manual Focus

Once i had the shot composed i got focus on auto focus and then selected Manual focus to stop the camera from hunting . I attached my B+W 10 stop ND filter and took my IR remote to fire the camera.
I started out with a exposure of 60 sec viewed it on the LCD and adjusted exposure time as i saw fit. The above shot was at 70 sec exposure.

I do find that the B+W stopper does give a slight magenta hue but is very easily corrected in lightroom before starting to edit in CS5.

If you own a iphone you can download a free app called Long Exposure Calculator, i use it and find it very helpful as a starting point, i then adjust the exposure to get the result i am looking for.Or after a little search i found a good explanation and a few charts here.
As ever any questions or comments please feel free to use the comments section thanks

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