Tulips - Speedlite 52 - Week 4


This week seemed to come round really quick and thought i had better take my next shot while i had the opportunity. I brought some flowers in the week for my wife and i really liked the colour and remembered i had some speedlite gels of the same colour so i thought i would be nice to use them.

Set up my home studio in the kitchen as you can see this was taken with two speedlites.

Strobist info

Speedlite 580 ex ii in Lumiquest softbox iii to front camera left at 1/16th power
Speedlite 430 exii with colour filter to camera right and above and behind flowers at 1/8th power

Set up shot

Tulip set up

Made a few adjustments in lightroom and photoshop before publishing

Really want to get out and do a few outdoor shots but weather been bad but still i am storing a few ideas for later shots.
As ever like to hear your comments and suggestions thanks for looking
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